• College Preference Mailings - PSB Esports will send a personal mailing of your personal profile to colleges of your choice.
  • Professional Resume - a professional resume with your complete information.
  • On-line Recruiting Profile - PSB Esports designs and markets your personal profile, including academic and gaming information, Twitter and Twitch information, schedules and more. You may update your profile at any time.
  • Recruiting Handle - PSB Esports assists you in creating an email address used exclusively for recruiting purposes. This email address will be included in your PSB Esports promotions.
  • PSB Esports Signing Announcement - a notification to colleges that you are now working with PSB Esports.
  • PSB Esports Skillshot - Your PSB Esports advisor will design your personalized game plan to assist you in planning your personal promotions and how to best use them to achieve success in your recruiting process.
  • Phone Consultations - Your PSB Esports advisor will hold periodic consultations to provide expert guidance until you sign with a college. Parents and prospect may contact consultant at any time to address any questions specific to school selection and the recruiting process.
  • College Exposure - PSB Esports will send your profile to every college in the country involved in Esports to inform the colleges of your academic and Esports progress.
  • Area of Attack - PsbEports promotes your gaming and academic talents to colleges in the areas that you select.
  • Recruiting Organizer - PSB Esports will provide a recruiting organizer to assist you in tracking recruiting activities.
  • Communications Guidance - PSB Esports provides resources to assist you in effectively communicating with college coaches. Your advisor will teach you how to respond to college coaches, and, if necessary, will conduct mock interviews to improve your communications skills.
  • Target Colleges List - Based on our interview, PSB Esports will research colleges to create a list of schools meeting your qualifications, desires and goals.
  • Tournament Coach Contacts - PSB Esports will work with you to effectively communicate with coaches to get them to watch you perform.
  • College Signing Announcement - When you sign with a college, PSB Esports announces your commitment via social media.
Heads Up (HUD) Package

  • Features Include
  • Professional Resume
  • On-line Recruiting Profile
  • Recruiting Handle
  • Phone / email Consultations
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Metagame Package

  • All Features in HUD Package PLUS
  • Phone / email Consultations
  • Signing Announcement
  • College Exposure 1x/Year
  • Area of Attack 1x/Year
  • Skillshot
  • Recruiting Organizer
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Ultimate Package

  • All Features in Metagame Package PLUS
  • Phone / email Consultations
  • College Exposure 5x/Year
  • Area of Attack 2x/Year
  • College Preference Mailings 2x/Year
  • Target College Lists
  • Communications Guidance
  • Tournament Coach Contacts
  • College Signing Announcement
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