As your personal recruiting adviser, PSB Esports educates and guides you through the recruiting process by:

  • Promoting you to every college offering an Esports program, yet focusing on your area of interest.
  • Matching your academic and athletic skills to the needs of college coaches
  • Arranging for coaches to see your personal information so they can track your progress.
  • Communicating with college coaches and networking with scouts to promote you.
  • Creating options and opportunities that your coaches or you cannot create on your own.
  • Saving you time and money while gaining more scholarship dollars that you cannot gain on your own.

PSB Esports provides a personal recruiting plan and continuous support to assist your parents and you through the college recruiting and admissions process. We advise on dealing with college coaches, college visits, selecting the best college for your academic interest, how to negotiate college scholarships, and other situations that may arise in the recruiting process.

College prospects who work with PSB Esports are more likely to:

  • Receive more contacts and scholarship offers from college coaches.
  • Receive scholarships and grants significantly higher than other prospects.
  • Attend more prestigious colleges.
  • Remain at and graduate from the college where they started.
  • Graduate within four years with a reputable degree.
  • Enter the workforce at a salary above the average for graduates in their field.

As a PSB Esports prospect, you will receive exposure nationally and with targeted promotions. We work with you to target colleges that meet your athletic and academic qualifications. The PSB Esports Game Plan for you will be a multi-faceted approach to insure that college coaches will have a variety of ways to recognize you as a legitimate prospect.

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